Frustration can be the key to change. Instead of allowing it to get you use it as a tool. Let frustration can motivate change and inspire solutions:

Is there something different that can be done? Can you think of a better way to do things/way to re-organize/change the workflow?

For issues that repeat themselves several times a year-Is there a solution menu you can create to refer to if this should happen again. (Who to call, forms that are needed, people that need to be involved, work flow of tasks that need to be done. This prevents you from having to research the problem every time saving time and energy).

Is it time to change your circumstance? (change job, end a relationship, make steps that lead you towards a goal or change. Something else-more education/training)

Think of solutions that are “out of the box”. Just because it has always been done one way does not mean it is the best way. Be creative.

Streamline your stuff/organize-Having to hunt through piles of paperwork, emails and books to find what you need wastes time and is stressful. A task that is shared in parts by many- Can the majority of the task be reorganized so one person does it?