1. Perform Acts of Kindness
Doing something for others help us feel fulfilled and connected. It decreases stress. You become more resistant to illness and boost “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Treat yourself and others how you want to be treated.

2. Choose Your Thoughts
Your mind can be your biggest obstacles or biggest asset. While most fears and worries never happen, our thoughts can make us depressed, anxious or fearful. They can also inspire, give us hope, and make us happy. Instead, of focusing on negativity, build on what works and explore the possibilities. Be grateful and choose empowering thoughts.

3. Keep an Open Mind
Your point of view can hinder you or help you. You cannot control the wind but you can adjust the sails. A challenge can energize and motivate you. Change how you see things. Explore and choose perspectives that help you.

4. Stay in the Moment
A lot of our thoughts are focused on worrying about the future or thinking about our past. Being aware of every moment with non-judgment quiets “run away thoughts”. Each moment is different, let go of the past and move on. Notice every step of the journey by remaining focused on the present moment (Your breath, movements or activities.)

5. Be Curious
Your mind and life can sometimes feel dull or stagnant. Experimenting, taking chances and action every day energizes your body and spirit.

6. Respond Instead of Reacting
We often answer to situations or conversations in an unconscious and impulsive way. Instead, take a moment to pause and consider a solution focused alternative that is productive.

7. Laugh
Laughter releases feel good hormones (endorphins) that promote a sense of wellbeing. This makes you more resilient to illness and can decrease pain. It is infectious- leading others to laugh and smile with you. Find reasons to laugh or smile every day.

8. Let Go
When you hit a roadblock, move on to something else. The solution often comes while you are doing other things. Practice your creativity by coming up with different uses for ordinary items (a fork) or writing anything related to a topic for 1 minute.

9. Improve Your Surroundings
Your environment can support you or limit you. Surround yourself with people, work, and activities that inspire you. Transform a work environment with plants, photos, and music.

10. Pursue Activities You Enjoy
Recharge your batteries by having fun and appreciating the little things in life such as preparing a delicious meal or spending time with people you love.