A work anniversary gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you do. I use Appreciative Inquiry, a coaching technique to analyze situations, make decisions and strategies for change. Instead of focusing on the negative, it looks at what works, what you like, and how you want to continue to grow and do it better. It can be used to analyze yourself, a team or business.

Appreciative inquiry reminds you to build upon what works and creates positive ideas for change or building skills. It’s easy, keeps things fresh and positive.

Ask questions like:
What do I most appreciate (love/like)?
What do I do well?
How can I do it better?
What do I need to learn or do to be even better?
What can I change or do to keep it fresh and interesting?
The answers give you ideas about action steps.

Doing this check in led me to study coaching, improve my communication skills, and even write a stress reduction book. All three help me as a nurse practitioner, life and career coach. It works!

Use Appreciative inquiry today and on your anniversary to keep you focused on what you like, what you do well and to determine how you want to learn and grow.